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Available under an Apache 2. Tests in a trial version of Firefox showing that the Alliance's AV1 video compression tech produces video files a third smaller than rival compression techniques. Cybercriminals are constantly evolving and refining their tactics. At the same time new devices continue to invade the market, and existing devices are getting smarter, increasing the opportunities for attacks.

Botnets, which can be used for everything from cryptocurrency mining to DDoS attacks stand to become much more powerful. In , expect some of the biggest cybercrime trends of to continue, including ransomware and smartphone malware. Cybercriminals will also find new and innovative ways to leverage distributed ledger technologies, machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and cloud computing. Expect a laser focus in targeted attacks, whether on individuals or organisations.

With many kinds of cybercrime being sold on darknet marketplaces, it will be possible for relative novices to compromise devices without even knowing how to hack. It causes infected devices to show. Instead of typical desktops or laptops, hackers will now be focussing more on smartphones. The fact is that breaking into a smartphone gives them access to pretty much all about the user and his or her banking details. The smartphone has emerged as the most popular personal computing device around the world, and a single device incorporates what was previously a camera, a personal media player, a gaming console, a personal digital assistant, as well as a mobile phone.

It was only recently that Lebanese group, Dark Caracal used Android spyware to steal hundreds of gigabytes of sensitive data from more than 21 countries. Types of stolen data included audio recordings, text messages, call records, documents, photos, contact information, secure messaging client content, account data and enterprise intellectual property. Expect more such attacks in The scale of the attacks are unprecedented, with major content delivery networks and dedicated DDoS prevention tools being unable to keep up with the intense firepower of Mirai based DDoS attacks.

Such operations can be really taxing on the hacked devices and can cause temporary to permanent physical damage. Check out the all-encom-. Cryptocurrency miners can put enough load on smartphones and IoT devices, to the extent of physically damaging them.

A recent hack in a major Las Vegas casino was traced to a connected fish tank on the premises. Hackers in are not as focussed on innovating as they are on scaling up. As long as we adapt the major security protocols that we are actually supposed to follow in the first place, and are careful about the sources we install our applications from, we should be secure from most hacking threats in For example, to gain your banking credentials or email login details, a malicious attacker might send you a link appearing to originate from the company and directing you to a web page that looks identical to the official website.

Google and site are among the most spoofed companies. More sophisticated attacks can say be personalised to each individual in an organisation, and bait the users with the promise of a chance to win a free gift.

If everyone on a mailing list has been sent a fishy email, be especially wary of follow up emails supposedly from cybersecurity personnel, providing mitigation measures against the initial round of messages. Those could be phishing attacks as well. If the initial round of phishing emails was in the news, follow up attacks are more likely to succeed. Even suspicious users will see enough material in the news to convince them of the situation after looking up the claims of the attacker on the internet.

Phishing remains one of the most effective and lucrative methods for cybercriminals. Emerging technologies promise to allow the attackers to craft even more convincing and targeted emails. One of the biggest additions to the toolkits of hackers, is AI.

AI will allow cybercriminals to mimic various. Hank Pym with an urgent new mission. The movie is set to release on July 6, Captain America rescued everyone held in the floating prison at the end of Civil War.

The plot is as follows: In the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War, Scott Lang grapples with the consequences of his choices as both a superhero and a father. JJ is already working on Star Wars: Episode IX as the newly appointed director.

He is also the producer to the upcoming Cloverfield 3 movie, and TV shows including Westworld,. While our readers contributed about the former, Boo-Man hates on the latter.

Then we go on a rant about how Millenials are ruining words for everyone, before giving you a list of geeky movies in to keep track of. The highly anticipated Flashpoint movie had been in limbo for a while but now Warner Bros. Ezra Miller will be taking charge as Barry Allen aka Flash.

The Venom movie has been in the works for some time now from Sony with rumours still circling around the villain and plot. The new untitled drama project revolves around a family with a scientist mother, father and. Production of the second season of The Tick has been sanctioned by site Studios for with a release. Produced by Sony Pictures Television, the second half of the first season will be available on February 23, After a car crash, the mother falls into a coma.

Already having displayed his expertise with the sci-fi genre, any news of him being involved in any such project automatically grabs attention. You might have read and watched how Voldemort came back to power after his downfall at the hands of an infant.

But what made him powerful in the first place was never explored. A fan film called Voldemort: Origins of the Heir tries to fill that gap. If you are ever curious about what the Digit gang is up to, this is the place to get all the inside info.

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We made sure to point that out to him several times. Manish, who had played the already a month down! As usual, things Meanwhile, Abhijit, who has racked were pretty slow in the labs, despite up quite the playtime on PUBG, demanaging to close the issue cided to join a tournament along with somewhat on time last Siddharth, who plays PUBG just about year.

Last month. Mithun had for review. An i8!

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What a decided to try the game out beast of a car! Too bad we. Every month we will highlight some of the more interesting discussions happening on our Digit Forum digit. Head over and join our forum if you want quick answers to your queries from some of the geekiest Indians online. In case you love giving gyaan, or even if you love arguing with others, the Forum is the place you should be.

Security researchers have identified two of the most critical vulnerabilities in modern CPUs. The community members are discussing the patching process, which involves using the bios update for motherboards from particular manufacturers.

MP Satyapal Singh has debunked evolution by pointing out that there was scientific evidence against the theory. While the US and UK alleged that threat actors with ties to North Korea carried out the WannaCry ransomware attack, the forum members have pointed out a firefighting attitude towards cybersecurity enables malware to spread.

Join the discussions at: A solo movie featuring Natasha Romanoff is apparently planned for a release.

When Luke Skywalker becomes one with the force at the end of TLJ, he takes his robotic hand with him. Release Date: The Kaiju are bigger and more powerful than ever, there is a whole stable of lighter and faster Jaegers as well.

Lara Croft returns to the big screen after a gap of fifteen years, with a reboot of the film series starring Alicia Vikander. We thoroughly enjoyed the video game, and while the movie is based on that game, there are plenty of deviations that can be seen in the trailer.

Expect a ton of action in an island setting, as well as a dose of mythical elements. The release dates are for India, but are subject to change. Audiences in India might have to settle for a Netflix version, and might not get to see this science fantasy horror film on the big screen. Annihilation is going to be strange and gorgeous.

The novel by Jeff VanderMeer, the first in the Southern Reach trilogy is a great read, with eerie atmospheric horror reminiscent of the works of HP Lovecraft. As the last film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before the release of Avengers: Infinity War, the build up of hype for Black Panther has been pretty intense. Fans are in for a treat as Wakanda appears to be a technologically sophisticated futuristic utopia. The curated soundtrack, Black Panther: The Album is produced by Kendrick Lamar.

The sequel to Enthiran or Robot , 2. The world is not only for humans. There is not enough space here even to mention all the superheroes who are going to appear on screen in this one. The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy will work together try and stop the mad titan Thanos from collecting all the infinity stones. Infinity War is easily the most anticipated movie of the year.

At the end of the short game, you will be given an appraisal of your performance.

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The best thing is you can play the game in office, and give the impression of actually working. The gameplay takes place in the form of an email interface, where users have to respond to messages from various employees.

Users have to respond to a wide range of scenarios, including an employee that touches another, a mail sent out to the entire office suggesting that yoga pants are inappropriate attire, and a woman having a tough time managing her newborn baby and her work commitments. As an HR professional, you have to deal with all these issues as and when. However, creating a complete map of how the neurons in the brain connect to each other is beyond the capa-.

Mysterious explosions in the Russian tundra, AI in healthcare, humanoid robots, antimatter, and a visitor from far away stars. The researchers can then directly observe the neurons firing through an electron microscope, and a hole in the heads of the flies.

The approach allows the researchers to create a wiring map of the brains of the fruit flies. The dimming events experienced by the star is likely to be caused by a far more mundane explanation - dust.

Researchers from harvard have developed a tiny robot, known as milliDelta with flexible actuators and high performance composite materials. The robot is strong and flexible enough to manipulate objects on a tiny scale, and has potential applications in manufacturing and medicine.

The unusually beautiful features of a bust of Nefertiti compelled Egyptologists to come to the conclusion that she was a ruler of Egypt, however this was not possible as Nefertiti was not born in a royal family. However, her daughter was born into a royal family. Students at the Ohio State University did not want to use academic supercomputers to test code, and so created a supercomputer out of many Raspberry Pi circuit boards.

Buckeye Pi has circuit boards and processors, and will be used for Earth science simulations. Hubble has captured an image of the Cartwheel galaxy, which are actually two colliding galaxies. A mysterious meteorite embedded with diamonds was possibly formed before the solar system.

It would flash inwards past the orbits of Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury, gaining speed as it did so, until it rounded the sun and headed out once again into the unknown. However, when the asteroid was in that location 3,00, years ago, the constellation appeared in a different place from Earth. There was very limited time on hand, it was highly unlikely that the object would ever visit the Solar System again, and researchers could only guess when an opportunity for studying an interstellar asteroid would arise again.

For all these reasons, astronomers jumped at the chance to observe the asteroid. Another group of astronomers studied the object through telescopes in Hawaii and Spain. A third team of international astronomers studied the object from a telescope in New Mexico. The object had been wandering between the stars for millions of years before encountering the Solar System, entirely by chance. While scientists had hypothesised the existence of such objects, they had never directly observed one.

The International Astronomical Union had to rush to come up with a new naming convention for the unique object. The name means a messenger from. Apart from its extrasolar origins, the shape of the object was extremely elongated. To read more - http: Among the top 5 most searched for terms, we had Rick and Morty sitting on number two and… Fidget Spinners on three.

But who are we to judge! Some of the more interesting numbers worth noting were the number of visitors to the site this year: Other than that, you had a total of This caused commuters up to minutes of delay on average, which in a country like Japan is apparently a big deal. Deer in particular take up a large percentage of the animals.

Deer are attracted to the iron fillings around the rail tracks. This because they need iron in their diets. The iron fillings created from the friction between the train and the tracks is a.

Thankfully, our space telescopes have found plenty of habitable exoplanets. Fancy colonising one of these?

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Unfortunately, it also means that many of them suffer a very gruesome fate. Institute RTRT have come up with a rather strange new idea to scare the deer away from the train tracks. It entails having speakers installed on the train which plays the sound of a deer snorting soon followed by 20 seconds on dogs barking.

This has been found to be effective in scaring the deer away from the tracks. The RTRI is known for using some very strange methods to scare the deer away, but this one takes the cake. These might just be the nerdiest sneakers out there, every detail on the shoe points to its namesake in some way. This one brings back the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. Considering this is going to be the final movie for many characters in the MCU, all their character arcs deserve a worthy completion.

The title was something that Marvel had been holding back for a long time. However, they finally did the title reveal along with the first teaser trailer. However, Smith has reassured everyone that Genie will, in fact, be blue as his original depiction. David Harbour from Stranger Things dons the role of the half-demon who is caught up between the supernatural and human world.

His mission is to take on an ancient sorceress, known as the Blood Queen, whose ultimate goal is revenge. While discovering his powers and capabilities, Billy has to take on the evil Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. The movie is based in the DCEU, but seems to be headed in the fun direction that was set by the tone of Aquaman.

Release date: Apr 5 is going to be a crazy year for movies, majorly ruled by sequels and reboots. Get ready to splurge! The release dates are tentative.

Abhijit Dey abhijit digit. Earth is the battlefield for an intergalactic war. Two alien races are fighting to destroy each and the only hope is Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Bruce Willis and Samuel L. The movie will follow the events of Split in this new comic book thriller.

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Release date: Jan 18 56 Digit January www. Thanos did what he exactly said he would and wiped off half the population of the universe. Things look grim back on Earth. Will our heroes be able to avenge the lives of billions of people around the universe?

This particular Pikachu wants to be a detective and both of them discover a sinister plot. The most important advantage though, is that the researchers could easily understand what was going on in the system, and what the AI was doing at any point of time. The wiring diagram of its brain, or the connectome, is available as a virtual copy in its entirety. When compared to other AI systems that performed the same task like finding a parking space, avoiding running into obstacles, and navigating the car to the parking spot, the C.

It was also more resilient to external noise, and could perform better even T he Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory LIGO is a facility dedicated to detect ripples in the spacetime continuum, known as gravitational waves.

The LIGO facility has been used for two observation campaigns so far. After years of being a buzzword, seems to be the year that 5G hits the streets, even if its only on foreign shores. Clipbook My Readlist Apps Publish. Add to cart Send as Gift. Removed from wishlist. Lifestyle Technology. April Recent Clips All.

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March 9. February 9. January 9. December 9. November 9.Samsung and LG have fulfilled those predictions with their own innovative TVs at the event. During our gaming streams, we were trying to looking for a solution to set up a multicam setup over the network. Improvements include project board enhancements, global webhooks, and repository archiving. Speed Battle.

Run a your admin credentials first. You clean it and polish it, give it a good wash, touch up any scratches and make it look as brand new as possible. The data ranks China as the top source for spamming. The parents called the police, and threw away the baby monitor.