+ Wireless Communication Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: How frequency hopping is used for security in Bluetooth? Question2: Why is. ece Interview questions on wireless communication concept and Answer 1. concepts in Pdf Wireless Communication Concepts PDF. Short Questions & Answers on Mobile Communication. Subject Code-PEEC . SEM-6 th. SEC- ETC. Prepared by-Mr. M. R. Jena, Asst. Prof., Dept. of ETC. 1.

Wireless Communication Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

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Related Searches to Wirless Communication Interview Questions and Answers: wireless communication interview questions wireless communication interview. Wireless communication interview questions & answers with explanation on topics like Bluetooth, 3G, CDMA, LTE, GSM/GPRS, WiFi, WiFAX, FMC, Wireless. Essential Wireless Communication Interview Questions & Answers: The data transmitting on one frequency for a specific time limit and jumping randomly to another and transmitting again is the process in FHSS. Download Interview PDF.

Diagrammatically represent the GSM architecture? Answer 4.

GSM architecture is as follows: Ques 5. What do you mean by Mobile Station Subsystem? Answer 5. It includes mobile equipment which refers o a physical terminal such as telephone which includes the radio trans-receiver signal processor and the Subscriber Identity Module. Ques 6.

What do you mean by Base Station Subsystem? Answer 6. Ques 7.

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What do you mean by Network and Switching Subsystem? Answer 7.

It controls hand offs between cells in different BSSs, authenticates users , validates and maintains their accounts. It is mainly supported by four databases: Home Location Register.

Visitor Location Register. Authentication Center. Equipment Identity Register. Ques 8. What do you mean by Ad-hoc networks?

Where can I get Networking Wireless Technologies questions and answers with explanation?

Answer 8. Ad-hoc networks are those wireless Local Area Network that do not require any infrastructure to work. Each node can communicate directly with other nodes. So, no access point is required.

Features of Ad-hoc networks are: It has high complexity. It has the greatest possible flexibility.

It has limited range. Ques 9. What are the different types of transmission impairment?

Answer 9. When the received signal is not as same as the transmitted signal then it is known as Transmission impairment. Three different types of transmission impairment are: Delay Distortion.

Ques What is the difference between 3G and 4G? Answer Following are the differences between 3G and 4G: This is a set of standard that is being developed as a future successor of 3G in the very near future.

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Please give your valuable suggestions as well in the comment section below the article. Thank You. Ad-hoc networks ece interview questions electronics enginnering interview questions GSM architecture interview questions on wireless communication. Analog Communication Interview Questions and Answers.

Mobile computing. Information Services manager from a hospital has hired you as consultant to provide a wireless LAN solution for their hospital NW. The hospital employs over employees, working in a complex composed of seven buildings in an urban area. All of the buildings are close enough in proximity that employees frequently walk between the buildings. The management staff wants to deploy wireless technology in their enterprise NW. They have heard that this type of They have heard that this type of NW will save them money as opposed to current leased line NW.

They believe that added mobility will also dramatically increase productivity. For example, to know other system MAC addresses. Communication between single sender and a list of select recipients in a network. To send messages to all the recipients simultaneously in a network.

What is TCP connection establishment and tear down? The following is the process for Tcp connection: As connection is made by synchronizing sender and receiver and the OS is informed about the connection establishment. Sender starts sending information and gets acknowledged. Soon after the sender sends the data, a timer is started.

When the sender is not received any acknowledgement ever after exceeding the timer's limit, the data is transmitted. If windowing occurs, buffer on the receiver is full, then a stop signal is sent by the sender and stops sending information 5. Soon after processing all data, a go signal is sent by the sender, followed by transmitting data again. What is Compulsory Tunnel?

The tunnel creation in compulsory tunnel, no action from the user and without allowing the user any choice is performed. Internet service provider access concentrator receives a point-to-point protocol packets from the user.

What is Voluntary Tunnel?

The user creates a voluntary tunnel model. This model is typically uses a L2TP enabled client. The L2TP tunnel initiator resides on the same system effectively playing as a remote client.

Confidentiality or encryption does not provided by PPTP. The reliability of PPTP is being tunneled for the purpose of providing privacy. Because of its easy way of configuration, it is most popular protocol used in VPNs. Download Interview PDF. Interview Questions Answers.

Wireless Communication interview questions

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