What does the Lafay method involve? Why should you choose this method and what benefits does it offer? Domyos outlines the principles of this training. Material Lafay - The Lafay Method is a method of fitness created by french author Olivier Lafay. The method utilizes bodyweight exercises to achieve several. Lafay put together a programme which aims more or less only on strength (if you leave out stretching and flexibility exercises, that are.

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The Lafay method was developed by French sportsman, Olivier .. Don't know about the Polish versions but the books (PDF) in French are. Anybody heard of Olivier Lafay method? I dont think it's very popular in the US. Ok it goes like this: Oliver Lafay is a psychology graduate. program workout body - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd The Lafay Method.

Maybe someone from France? Is it really so good even for someone not into bodybuilding?

Why this is so popular even in Poland? Look at this photo! He did it in one year?!

Maybe I should try something different? For now I'm collecting information how to start with all of this, because as I understand I should search for calisthenics?

I do have ceiling pull-up bar and parallettes 70cm so it would be nice if I will use it My english isn't great, so I have this question.

Maybe muscle-building? I'm talking about all this stuff such as pull-up, push-ups, squats Attached Files.

This is one for Redline Comment Post Cancel. Hey, dupaaaaa , Calisthenics means Bodyweight training. Thank HellYeah80!

Now I know keywords. So maybe he can say something about it. Or you look into his Check-in thread could be the old one.

The Lafay Method, body-building, calisthenics etc.

I also used this method for a year or so, but that was a few years ago. Thanks for the tag, Martyn and nice to hear from you!

What would you like to know, exactly? I'll be glad if I can help. Oh, and another link I dug out: I do not believe that third picture was achieved through body-weight training alone. The size that man added and the definition, specifically arms, abs, and shoulders, requires weight above what the body can provide with body-weight exercise.

His chest is possible with s of dips but the rest of it? That's a ton of protein and a lot of added weight. Those biceps didn't come from doing any calisthenics, unless the guy was curling actual benches.

Méthode de musculation Olivier Lafay PDF Ebook Gratuit

November 3rd, , Originally posted by Warmaker View Post. Thanks for reply Redline!

The best way would be download the book and I think I will download it. I'm curious what is it about? I can't find too much information, there are only in french and you know how precise is Google Translate Is it only training program or maybe more? Is it friendly for beginner in bodyweight with all exercise and describing them? I like when everything is step by step and it's for my fitness level.

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What equipment do I need? The Lafay method can be adapted to suit every sporting objective: weight loss, muscle mass gain, maintaining physical fitness, improving physical performance etc. The method is built on a principle of interactivity: it provides a solution for each difficulty encountered, making it possible to constantly improve your performance.

The sessions are explained clearly and precisely; you simply need to follow the instructions to the letter and keep to the time specified. Before embarking upon this method, you will need to determine your fitness level, so that you can adapt the exercises to suit your level and ability. A muscle-building method which requires no additional weight: what are the benefits? The advantage of bodyweight exercises is that they allow you to work on all aspects of physical performance: power, strength, endurance, flexibility, stamina etc.


The exercises used in the Lafay method work the entire body; no muscle is overlooked. Whatever your body type, you're sure to benefit from this full body strengthening programme, which guides you from warm-up to post-exercise cool down.

The reward: a high level of athleticism, if the numerous Lafay-disciples who have already adopted the method, are to be believed. You now know the principles which inform the great Lafay muscle strengthening method.

For the method to work properly, it's essential that you stick to the specified times during your sessions. You need to arm yourself with a healthy dose of willpower to work through the sets; then get ready to enjoy fast results!By bringing all entertainment togetherinto one product, we are able to provide a huge variety of titles for cheaper - and aservice that is truly worth paying for.

Lafay method pdf

We believe in all experiences and all perspectives. Oct Location: I would like to have good muscle definition, I don't want to be big or something. At least, I made a huge leap in bodyweight training knowledge and abilities after a few weeks of Lafay's