Ruins of Undermountain II. The Deep Levels. A Continuing Campaign Guide to the Realms. Greatest Dungeon. Thanks to Ed Greenwood and Steven Schend. The Ruins of Undermountain boxed set is designed to be dangerous, but it's also de- signed for DMs to make the place their own and to set up later adventures. The Ruins of Undermountain, the original boxed set that gave an overview ofUndermountain's topmost three levels, provided the first details of this famous.

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ruins of Illusk. Lost Lover's Gate: This one-way portal links a tidal pool in a sea cave to the depths of Undermountain. The Moonspring Portal: This two-way portal. User summary: PDF edition (scanned /) includes four files: ( pp.). This sequel to The Ruins of Undermountain contains the page Campaign Guide to Undermountain: The Deep Levels, a page adventure booklet.

As with Vanrakdoom see below , "doom" does not refer to some dire fate; it is an archaic term for a lord's domain. Obstacle Course: Originally a training ground for the Melairkyn dwarves, the clan converted this level into a trap for invading drow. Halaster continued this tradition, adding more baited dangers with which to ensnare greedy trespassers. Crystal Labyrinth: A maze of crystalline passages-some with transparent walls, floors, or ceilings to tempt and confuse wanderers-dominates this level.

Seadeeps: These seemingly endless mining tunnels stretch for miles beneath the Sea of Swords. Only the lasting and cunning craftsmanship of the Melairkyn dwarves keeps them from flooding with seawater from above.

Vanrakdoom: A century ago, undead worshipers ofShar dominated this dwarf-built level of dungeons. None can say whether that might still be true.

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Since many corporeal undead can survive to witness the passage of centuries or even millennia, the possibility can't be discounted. Caverns of Ooze: These caves deep below the surface host oozes and slimes of all types as well as other aberrant beings and abominations. The god Ghaunadaur "That Which Lurks" is powerful here, and he guards his secrets well in this dark and lethal level. Runestone Caverns: This level gains its name from the colossal magic crystal embedded in a huge stalagmite at the center of the layer's most expansive u.

Halaster dug many caves into the rock housing the Runestone, and he used those gouges to study 0 and tap the crystal's powers. Deep Mines: Also called the Terminus Level, because it was the deepest level the Melairkyn clan had mined, this layer long served as a place for Halaster and Arcturia to leave their failed or freed monster experiments. For decades, these abnormal magic creatures have been interbreeding, leading to the births of strange beings of which neither wizard had ever dreamed.

Shadowdusk Hold: This small level of dungeons serves as a home to aberrant Far Realm beings, which unwitting members of the Shadowdusk family led here. The family name has long since vanished from the ranks ofWaterdeep nobility, but a Far Realm taint could still be clinging to its bloodline, lingering in descendants far removed from the original clan.

Stories have long been told of the lair's fabulous wealth and mighty magic, treasures that outstrip all others scattered throughout Undermountain. Of course, Halaster's most brutal traps and deadly guardians slumber here as well.

While several secret entrances doubtlessly exist, only a few physical connections to the first level ofUndermountain can be verified. The uppermost level ofUndermountain is roughly feet below the city's street level.

Passages stretching deep into the earth either wind in kinked and gradual slopes or plunge into darkness. Such links to the surface might be guarded from both above and below, although not always by the same group or for the same reason.

The "ownership" of these secret paths often changes hands, due to dangers in the deep or treachery in the ranks. From the street, the Knight appears to be nothing more than a dive bar frequented by shadowy and down-on-their-luck folk. However, by following a flight of rickety wooden steps built into a chute that descends from a back room, a patron can arrive at the Shadow-an even more disreputable tavern built upon a ledge near the ceiling of the Downshadow caverns see Area 76, page From there, a person can descend the last 50 feet via a rope lift operated by a spellscarred half-ore.

Recognized Downshadow folk are the only ones who regularly use this passage into Undermountain, because the way to the Shadow is guarded at all times. Of course, bribes can win guards' sympathy, but they scoff at anything less than the sums forked over by hooded members ofWaterdeep's nobility.

Once patrolled and used by the City Guard, these dungeons in the mountain were abandoned to the dangerous creatures and magic that claimed them more than a decade before the Spellplague. A long staircase connects the citadel to the first level ofUndermountain see Area 74, page A strange magic protects the stairwell, causing the ceiling over it to collapse when any creature approaches it. It's plainly hopeless to try to use the stairwayunless one waits for about an hour.


Then the stones and dust return to their former places and allow safe passage for ten minutes before the magic fully resets. Of course, climbing the stairs to the Citadel of the Bloody Hand is not a way to escape danger. Even if the climbers make it past the citadel's threats, other barriers and magic wards have been set up to keep creatures from climbing into Castle Waterdeep's dungeons. A steep alley in the Dock Ward has been known locally as "the Slide" for generations, due to its use by youths for fun in winter.

Near this happy place is a grate that gives entrance to the sewers, and very near this place stands a small secret door in the sewer wall. Behind this door is a tight crawl space that wends through bricked-up basements and disused privy chutes, eventually curving into a dead end.

Here, another secret door is hidden in the floor. Once open, it reveals a foot drop to the Grim Statue see Area 41, page 59 , a huge and headless relic that retains shocking links to its past.

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Within this yard is the festhall 's midden pit, and hidden therein are the first few steps of the Long Dark Stair. For years, festhall workers have opened the trapdoor over the pit and thrown in the establishment's refuse, not knowing or caring why the level of trash gradually sinks or occasionally drops dramatically. All that matters to the festhall's owners is that the broken bottles, rotten food, empty ale casks, broken chairs, stained rags, and other trash goes away without them having to pay for anyone to collect it.

What they don't know is the garbage has been disappearing down a steep staircase-which an overhang and the heaped refuse has kept hidden-that descends from the pit's bottom into Undermountain see Area 79, page A long time ago, a cult ofLoviatar a darling of the nobility frequently and covertly used these stairs to reach cult-sponsored Undermountain activities.

At the time, an allied tribe of orcs guarded the entrance.

[D&D 4.0] Halls of Undermountain.pdf

Since the dissolution of the cult's dungeon activities years ago, the Long Dark Stair has remained untraveled. At the base of the stairwell, a grinning, bearded human face is carved into the wall opposite the steps.

Built around a vast pit in the earth that drops to the Dungeon Level, the inn has for more than a century used its connection to the dangers below to attract the brave, foolhardy or merely curious.

Built on the site ofHalaster's ruined tower and founded with loot claimed from Undermountain, the Yawning Portal is a rambling structure that boasts three upper floors of guest rooms and a huge taproom. The centerpiece of this taproom is a foot-wide well with a low wall.

[D&D 4.0] Halls of Undermountain.pdf

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The Ruins of Undermountain II: PDF version. Wizards of the Coast. Description Edit History.

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From publisher blurb: The Hotness Games People Company. Legacy of Dragonholt. Sea Law.For most adventurers, it is the first and last level ofUndermountain they see.

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NPCs of Note. This was his first major appearance of note, though afterward he'd be a regular in Realms products. This is the "yawning portal" to Undermountain. After Halaster's Higharvestide, the Citadel of the Bloody Hand became the preserve for the living spells that escaped Halaster. The Final 4e Adventure Sort of. This may have been because 4e was in its waning days, with the death of the line announced three months previous.

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