ARCHITECT OF THE COSMOS. ROBERT BAUVAL & THOMAS BROPHY PhD. Bestselling Authors of Black Genesis. Imhotep the African. ece8beXfsan - Read/download Robert Bauval's book Imhotep the African: Architect of the Cosmos in PDF, EPub, Mobi, site online. Get free Imhotep the. Imhotep the African: Architect of the Cosmos Paperback – September 1, In this ground-breaking book, Egyptologist Robert Bauval and astrophysicist Thomas Brophy uncover the mystery of Imhotep, and ancient Egyptian superstar, pharaonic Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo, and.

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In this ground-breaking book, Egyptologist Robert Bauval and astrophysicist Thomas Brophy uncover the mystery of Imhotep, and ancient. Egyptian superstar . Imhotep the African Architect of the Cosmos. Search for imhotep the african architect of the cosmos pdf torrents. Add to PlaylistPlayShare Video. In other words. Imhotep the African book. Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In this groundbreaking book, Egyptologist Robert Bauval and astr.

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Very possibly. What is more, the lake is also connected with the descendants of Noah. However, the south-eastwardly trending line that runs from Letopolis to Mecca for nearly 1, kilometers is more exactly If we extend a line from Letopolis at a Canadian archaeologist Bill Glanzman has measured this ovoid structure at Its walls at one time rose to 53 feet high, enclosing an area 54, square feet—two times the 14 size of the Parthenon.

Author, archaeologist, and filmmaker Nicholas Clapp visited the Yemeni site when kidnapping of Western tourists was common but before jihadists made such a trip suicidal.

Open to the sky, this stone structure may have served as a Sabean star-gazing platform.

If that were the case, the temple could have functioned as a Sabean astronomical-astrological observatory. Near the ellipse a labyrinth of mausoleums was unearthed, containing thousands of shrouded burials. However, southern Arabian script found nearby has recently been dated back to BC. The site encompassed over acres and could possibly support a population of 20, or more. Great Zimbabwe has two rows of chevron patterns round a fourth part of the main wall. A pattern in the stone on the Marib wall is identically positioned.

Inscribed walls at both sites are well built, while the reverse faces are rough. The two temples are both the product of gold-rich societies.

Incidentally, the Great Pyramid and the Great Zimbabwe are nearly on the same meridian. In other words, Great Zimbabwe is just The artifacts archaeologists have found 15 include copper double-axes, which are a symbol of Orion Osiris , and terracotta figurines of the Earth Goddess proto-Isis. Interior rooms were arranged around central hypostyle halls similar to those in Egyptian temples.

Imhotep the African: Architect of the Cosmos

Polychrome pottery in the Kamares style named after a cave in which some of the artifacts were found was decorated with naturalistic designs, such as flowers, plants, stars, fish, dolphins, spirals, etc. Some of these vases were unearthed in Egyptian tombs, proving a direct trade link between the two cultures.

The spontaneous naturalism of the pottery extended to vividly colored fresco murals found in the palaces. One Minoan custom that may have had religious connotations was bull-leaping. Athletic acrobats, both male and female, would grab the horns of the bull and fearlessly somersault over the animal. Photo courtesy of Bernard Gagnon, The hieroglyphic-like symbols that are arranged in a spiral have not been deciphered.

It passes north of Gilf Kebir, a plateau containing numerous examples of pre-Dynastic rock art, and Unwainat, a circular mountain range on the borders of Egypt, Libya, and Sudan. Prehistoric people used the shiny material for sharp-edged tools and jewelry.

A stunning pectoral once worn by Tutankhamen has at its center a scarab exquisitely carved from the glass. Some believe it was created by the one or more meteorites, or a meteor that detonated above the ground—similar to the Tunguska aerial burst in Siberia.

Within the last decade Dr. Farouk El-Baz of Boston University recognized from satellite photos of the area a double-ringed crater 31 kilometers in diameter—the largest in the Sahara. He suggests that the desert was impacted by a meteor measuring as large as the entire Barringer Crater in Arizona 1. However, El-Baz did not actually do any fieldwork to confirm his hypothesis.

Alternative researcher David Hatcher Childress claims that a nuclear war in ancient times, as described in the Hindu text the Mahabharata, may have vitrified the sand into glass. The evidence to date compels us to conclude that the original sub-Saharan Black race that first settled in the Chad highlands subsequently gave rise to the cattle people of the lower Sahara, who, in turn, spawned the great Egyptian civilization when they finally migrated into the Nile Valley as the Sahara became superarid.

All the evidence seems to point to a northward spreading of a Black African people from the Chad highlands into the green Sahara during the humid period that started around 12, BCE. These people, it seemed, roamed the vast open spaces in search of water and grazing grounds as they gradually changed their habits from hunters to pastoralists. This conversion caused them also to change their appearance and traditions, and it contributed to them acquiring an increasingly complex knowledge of astronomy and navigation—which were all imposed on them by the changing climate and the gradual drying of the Sahara.

About one hundred miles west of Aswan in the Sahara Desert lay Napta Playa, possibly the oldest astronomical observatory in the world. Brophy, Ph. Three other interior stones represent the shoulders and head of the constellation for the astoundingly early date of 16, BC. Another set of megaliths south of the circle aligns to the vernal equinox heliacal rising in BC of six key stars in Orion Alnitak, Alnilam, Mintaka, Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, and Meissa. This vernal equinox heliacal rising happens only once per precessional cycle nearly 26, years.

At the southeastern edge of the former massif, a snow-dusted volcanic cone with two nested calderas named Emi Koussi is the highest elevation in the Sahara. An extension of the southwestwardly trending line traverses Lake Chad on the southwestern border of Chad and the northeastern border of Nigeria.

Extend the line another eleven hundred kilometers, and we arrive at an intriguing destination. Professor Catherine Acholonu, Ph.

Imhotep the African: Architect of the Cosmos

Chad has a direct boundary with Nigeria. Had Bauval and Brophy continued their search beyond Chad, they would have found ample evidence of the true land of the ancient Egyptians in Nigeria, for it was the Niger, and not the Nile that was the source of Egyptian civilization. Nigeria is the root civilization that eventually branched off into most of the major cultures in the world, including Sumer, Egypt, and the Indus River Valley.

It is a place of utter darkness and eerie silence. It was here, not the Siwa Oasis in Libya, where Acholonu believes that Alexander the Great journeyed to the Land of the Dead and encountered the spirits of a number of deceased historical figures.

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We think that the existence of an ancient city in South-Eastern Nigeria by the name Shamar an obvious cognate of the words Shumer and Sumer , is a confirmation of our already established thesis that ancient Sumer, the original home of the refugees of Babylon and Mesopotamia who settled in the Middle East, was ancient Nigeria.

The eternal forms of the gods were physically manifest; a crowd was serving them in silence. We recall that he the erected the obelisk at Heliopolis and also made forays south into Nubia and Sudan and north into the Levant.

But who was he and whence did he hail? Fortunately we have sculptures of the ruler. Or did he originate in Western Africa where, Professor Acholonu claims, a major civilization flourished after the end of the Ice Age? Until the mummy of Sosostris I is DNA-tested, these questions will remain in the realm of speculation. In this essay we have seen that the Egyptian Star Correlation projected on the desert near modern-day Cairo is comprised of four key constellations: 1.

Add a final locus of Saqqara and the Blazing Star of the Nile is formed—a five-pointed celestial symbol of transcendence and immortality. Moreover, a square formed by four of the five points is oriented to the cardinal directions.

This extended vector points northeast to Baalbek and ultimately Mount Ararat.

The pattern consisted of pyramids, temples, obelisks, astronomical observatories, and sacred quarries, each corresponding to a specific constellation. The ancient Egyptians erected a scale model of the celestial Afterlife in the form of the Blazing Star, itself a symbol of the primary goddess Isis. Her star rose just a few minutes before the sun namely, its heliacal rising after an absence of 70 days, which just happens to be the exact period of the mummification process.

This solar-stellar event coincided with the annual flooding of the Nile, the beginning of the New Year, and the rebirth of the all life—human, animal, and vegetable. In addition, two independent Egyptologists, Larry Dean Hunter and Michael Arbuthnot, have claimed in the past that they found most of the stars in Orion represented by constructions on the Egyptian landscape. However, their terrestrial correlations are somewhat different than those originally put forth by Bauval and Gilbert.

Bauval, The Egypt Code, op.

Bauval and Brophy, Imhotep, op. Lehner, The Complete Pyramids, op.A Mind at Home with Itself: Do the Work!: The whole that make them see the world according to their cosmos dwells in the land of Egypt Scorpio The Mind's Own Physician: There we read: L'art de se maquiller: