Modern French grammar: a practicle guide/Margaret Lang and Isabelle Perez.— 2nd ed. French language—Textbook for foreign speakers—English. I. Perez. French Grammar and Usage. Second edition. Roger Hawkins. Senior Lecturer in Language and Linguistics,. University of Essex. Richard Towell. Professor of. 25 janv. Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French Grammar is designed as a review and study tool for the advanced beginner and intermediate student.

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WHOEVER ventures on offering a new French Grammar to a public already provided with a considerable number of "Aids," "Grammars," and "Manuals" for. French Basics Grammar Book. Student e‐book. Grammar. French Basics. Easy French Grammacal Explanaons in English and Praccal, Everyday Language. Already published A Comprehensive French Grammar, Sixth Edition Glanville Price A Comprehensive Russian Grammar, Second Edition Terence Wade.

I'ami masculine the friend leau feminine the water f'6tage mqsculine the floor [] Note that l' is also used in front of most words starting with h but some others take le or la instead.

This is used to identify a particular thing or person. The word you choose for the depends on whether the noun it is used with is masculine or feminine. Singular le l' la l' That's the woman I was talking to. Do you like chocolate? Plural les les o the indefinite article: This is used to refer to something unspecific. This may sound Different types of article complicated. All French nouns are either front of a noun. D There are three types of article: T'P le and la change to l' when they are used in front of a word When i is followed by le.

A good dictionary will also give When ir is followed by la or l'. J'ai mal d la gorge. Les ordinateurs co0tent trds cher. J'ai achet6 ce poster au Japon. J'ai la grippe. He works in Cermany. Tourne la t6te d gauche. I bought this poster in Japan. I come from the United States. Computers are very expensive. English with this type of word. Prices are rising. I don't have time.

J'apprends le frangais depuis trois l've been learning French for avoir faim to be hungry literally to have hunger ans. France is very beautiful. I For more information on the preposition en. For further explanation of grammatical terms. Les prix montent. Je n'aime pas le caf6. Je n'ai pas le temps. You often use the definite article with the name of school subjects. My favourite sport is football. Do you like maths?

A Systemic Functional Grammar of French

Tu parles espagnol? Do you speak Spanish? Les professeurs ne gagnent pas Teachers don't earn very much. Je viens des Etats-Unis. L When you use the verb parler meaning to speak in front of the name of I don't like coffee. Sophie's no good at chemistry. E Using the definite article L The definite article in French le. Wtfr masculine sinqular nouns. He speaks English well. When des is used in front of a word that starts with a vowel.

En hiver nous faisons du ski. Note that you do not use the definite article after en. In winter we go skiing. On roulait d kilomitres We were doing kilometres an un rol a king d l'heure. T'P When des is used in front of a word that starts with a consonant any letter except o. Elle part le 7 She's leaving on the seventh of May. Tu veux des chips? Would you like some crisps? My mother's a nurse.

There isn't a clock in the room. He's a teacher. There are some very common adjectives. They're actors. I don't have a bike. I don't know him. Ge sont des acteurs. G'est un m6decin. T'P J'ai regu de beaux cadeaux.

As an English speaker. Have you got any brothers? When an adjective comes before a plural noun. For more information on quel. Gette r6gion a de trds jolis This area has some very pretty When you use ce sont to mean they are. Q For more information on c'est ond ce sont. Avez-vous des timbres? Do you have stamps? I never do my homework on time. The important thing to remember is that des When un. I got some lovely presents. We don't have any cousins.

There aren't any eggs. Ouelle surprise! What a surprise!

Je n'ai pas d'ordinateur. I don't have a computer. J'ai un chien. Je n'ai pas de v6lo. The sentences that these words are used in are called negative sentences. Ouelle bonne id6e!

What a good idea! T'P In French. What a shamel most words starting with h. Nous n'avons pas de cousins. Singular du de l'l de la de l' Plural des des te The partitive article in negative sentences D In French. This area has some very pretty villages. I never eat meat. Je p mange iamais de viande. For more informotion on Word order with odjectives.. We don't have any butter.

There aren't any stamps. French word y. He doesn't have any money. That's the silliest idea I ever heard! They can be used right next to a noun they are describing. I don't take milk. D Adjectives are words like clever.

Est-ce qu'il y a des lettres Pour Are there any letters for me? Elle ne veut pas de beurre. They can also tell you more about a rrp pronoun. She doesn't want any butter' Using adjectives Je ne prends Pas de lait. What is an adjective? An adjective is a 'describing'word that tells you more about a person or Je vais télécharger de la farine et l'm going to download some flour and thing. She's cleverer than her brother. Adjectives are sometimes called 'describing words'.

This means that their endings change depending on whether the person or thing you are referring to is masculine or feminine. Key points y' Most French adjectives. Sometimes you have to double the consonant as well as adding an -e. D In dictionaries. On the next page there is a table showing these changes. You need to know how to change them to make them agree with the noun or pronoun that they are describing.

When the consonant is doubled and an -e is added in good-looking. These adjectives also have an irregular feminine form. This is also true when you have to double the consonant before the -e is added. When the -s or -x ending comes before a word starting with a vowel or most words starting with h.

Ttp des chaussures maron brown shoes When an adjective describes a masculine and a feminine noun or une veste bleu marine a navy blue jacket pronoun. These adjectives are often made up of more than one word. La maison et le iardin sont The house and garden are Key points beaux. Bonne chance! You may need to check these in your dictionary and learn them.

Q for more information on Word order with adjectives. She's smaller than me. I For more information on de and du. This iacket is less expensive. Iess important. Cette veste est olus chdre. A Making comparisons using superlative adiectives D In phrases like the biggest hotel in London and the oldest person in the village.

This iacket is more expensive. This question is easier. Cette question est plus facile. What is a superlative adiective?

He's as worried as me. French also has a few irregular forms. Like all adjectives in French.. Masculine Feminine Meaning Singular ce cet cette this T'P that Choose the right form of the adjective to match the noun or Plural ces ces these pronoun. Prends cette valisqqi. He doesn't make the slightest effort.

Take this case. Q For more informotion on Adverbs. Don't forget to change le to la or les too in superlatives. Combien co0te ce manteau?

There's my husband. Here are the French possessive adjectives. This makes them easier to say. Voild mon mari.

Like all French adjectives.


Est-ce que tes voisins vendent Are your neighbours selling their leur maison? Rangez vos affaires. Put your things away. What is a possessive adjective? Mon frdre et ma s ur habitent My brother and sister live in i Glasgow.

For further oxplanation of grammatical tems. J'y vais chaque ann6e. Catherine called her sister. Paul's looking for his glasses. Paul's looking for his watch. NOT with the What is an indefinite adjective? Use le. You also use them with tous les deux jours most words beginning with h. He has some friends in Paris.

They rrp agree with what they describe. Paul cherche ses lunettes. You can also use tout to talk about how often something happens. Paul cherche sa montre. Here are the most common French indefinite adiectives: Catherine a appel6 sa s Eur. Key points The French possessive adjectives are: I have the same coat. There are a few bottles left. My hand hurts. Catherine called her brother. I go every year. He works all the time. J'ai le m6me manteau. Gatherine a appel6 son frdre.

J'ai d'autres projets. Je pars en vacances demain. Tu me pr6tes ce CD? Will you lend me this CD? Pronouns stand in for nouns when it is A pronoun is a word you use instead of a noun. He'll be bqck in qn hour. My brother isn't here qt the or want to name someone or something directly. We live in Nice.

The word you use depends on: Pronouns often stand in for a noun to save repeating it. They can be either subject pronouns 1.

Demonstrative pronouns like thrs or those. A subject pronoun is a word such as l. Righf l'm off. She's an actress. It's two o'clock. I was told you were ill. Elle est Take this chair. On m'a vol6 mon polte-monnaie.

Do you understand. He's already left. Oue font ton pdre et ta mire What do your father and mother do masculine plurol quand ils partent en vacances? On vous demande au t6l6phone: There's a phone call for you. They're going to call tonight. Monsieur Are you sure. D lf you are talking to more than one person. Someone has stolen my purse.

Elle est actrice. When did you leave. Vous pouvez entrer. You use il for masculine on often used to avoid a passive construction in French. Vous 6tes certains.

We're going to the beach tomorrow. Does your dog bite? Prends cette chaise. You may come in. On y va? Shallwe go? Are you sure. It's raining. On m'a dit que tu 6tais malade. Use ils for masculine use vous and you will not offend anybody. Estelle et Sophie. Mr Leclerc? Use vous if you are talking to le l' him les them mosculine one person you do not know so well or to more than one person.

On peut visiter le ch6teau en You can visit the castle in the What is a direct object pronoun? I hate 'Non. Je la vois. I really like her! Key points y' tne French subject pronouni ire: T'P me changes to m'. A direct object pronoun is a word such as me.

It is often used instead of a passive construction. Tu m'entends? Can you hear me? Have you seen them? They're going to help us. Je t'aime. They're hiding something from you. The word lf is often missed out in English. Puis-je vous aider? Can I help you? He writes to us every day.

I love you. When a verb has two objects a direct one and an indirect one. Sit down. She doesn't know us. Can you get me a towel? Singular Meaning Plural Meaning He'd like to see her again. He gave me a book. Who did he give the book to? Can you see them? Elle ne nous connait pas. He saw me. Can you get m9. Help me! What is an indirect object pronoun? He phones them every evening. Dominique's writing you a letter' ll a besoin de nous.

Except in orders and instructions telling someone to do something. Donne-moi ga! Give me that! Tout le monde est rentr6 chez Everyone went home. You have to have confidence in something. Note that in orders and instructions telling someone to do ll faut avoir confiance en soi. Come with me. Give the cat some milk. E Word order with indirect obiect pronouns C'est pour moi? KeY Points y' fhe French indirect object pionouns are: He needs us. These are called emphatic pronouns or stressed pronouns.

He doesn't speak to us. Dominique vous 6crit une lettre. Tu m'apportes une serviette? He won't answer me.

Lessons by Level

An emphatic pronoun is used instead of a noun when you want to emphasize something. Give Singular Meaning Plural Meaning it some milk. Donne du lait au chat. I often think about you. Ge sont eux. You're younger than me. I did it myself. He's getting on my nerves! It's them. These forms correspond to English myself. You look like your father. Grammar Extra!

He's smaller than you are. She chose it herself.

Elle l'a choisi elle-m6me. What is a possessive pronoun? Remember that ir with the definite article le becomes au. Ask Carole if this pen is hers. J'ai oubli6 les miennes. Tu pr6fdres ce manteau au mien? Do you prefer this coat to mine? Masculine Feminine Masculine Feminine Meaning Remember that de with the definite article le becomes du.

J'ai besoin l've forgotten my keys. Key points Heureusement que tu as tes It's lucky you've got your keys. Their forms change in the feminine and the plural.

I need hers des tiennes. A possessive pronoun is one of the words mine. NOT with the person who owns that thing. Those CDs are mine. Je pense Look in the drawer. Have you got any? J'gn veux. J'en veux deux. Tu en as? Don't think about it any more. I have to download some. Je n'ai pas d'argent.

Stay there. Elle en a parl6 avec She talked to me about it. Cive some to your brother. I want some. In orders and instructions telling someone to do something. I repeating the same word. I think the keys trds fier. Cive some sweets to your brother.

Comment fait-on pour y aller? How do you get there? Take some. N'y pense plus. J'eo ai besoin. Qtre fier de quelque chose en can also replace the partitive article du. I want two of them. She spends the whole summer quelque chose there.

For more information on the Portitive article. Va dans ta chambre! Go to your room! Key points y' lf a direct and an indirect object pronoun are used in the same sentence. For further explanation of grammatacal terms. When this happens in French. Answers are not included. Similar ones can be downloaded for School and Education , Shopping , and Adjectives. Download PDF - This page file has a handful of sets of questions that test what you know about French grammar , like present tenses and imperfect tenses.

All of the answers are included in the last page. Answers are at the bottom of the second page. Download PDF - These 10 animals are easy to identify, but do you know what word to use to describe them in French?

Download PDF - You're given six pictures, and you must match them with the French sentences that describe them. The correct translation is on the second page of this PDF.

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Download PDF - With this printable worksheet, you must rewrite 20 French nouns with the correct definite article in front of them. All the answers are included in the second page.

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