The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP! Pages·· MB·79 Downloads· New! The Unfair Advantage is a 'workshop-in-a-workbook'. It contains practical. The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP! Pages·· MB· Downloads· New! The Unfair Advantage is a 'workshop-in-a-workbook'. It contains practical. The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP! is a book for people who want new skills to influence others, who know that all selling is personal, and who see the need to.

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The Unfair Advantage is a "workshop-in-a-workbook." It contains practical ideas and exercises for applying NLP (neurolinguistic programming) to sales and. Download The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP! by Duane Lakin Ph.D. PDF. By Duane Lakin Ph.D. The Unfair virtue is a 'workshop-in-a-workbook'. It comprises. Read The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP! PDF. The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP! is a book for people who want new skills to influence others, who know.

You hope that your career brings personal development, fulfilment, and, of course, the means you need to live a comfortable life. Yet sometimes your working life falls short of your expectations and hopes. Making a success of your working life and achieving your professional goals and dreams depends on more than your qualifications, experience, and jobrelated skills. These days, getting on at work relies on exceptional communication skills and the ability to flex and change continually.

Understanding the principles and tools of neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP, can help you become an excellent influencer, as well as acquire the self-awareness and techniques to adapt and change to achieve your aspirations. Find out more about the value of NLP in business in this chapter, before moving on to discover dozens of ways to put its principles to use in the rest of the book.

So in order to get a different result, you probably have to make some changes and find alternatives to your tried-and-tested actions and responses to people, situations, and challenges.

At the heart of NLP is the idea that if you about continually seek new choices and try different things, you achieve what you want. Throughout the book I show you how to use NLP to discover the drivers of your thinking and behaviour.

Think of your brain as a bespoke computer, programmed to run you. As with any software program, you only notice the bit that comes up on the screen. The detailed and sophisticated program is running behind the scenes, out of your awareness.

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You may not realise that some of this software can be deleted, installed, or upgraded to get far more effective results. The same can be said of your unconscious mind. NLP offers you the keys to unlocking your own potential. Reprogramming your mind for success is in your hands. Removing previous limitations is inevitable. All you can change is yourself and how you respond to other people. When people around you are ready to change, you can use many of the tools and approaches you discover in this book to coach and help them.

Turn to Chapter 12 for more on coaching others. Neuro-linguistic programming sure is a mouthful. Your conscious and unconscious thought processes activate your nervous system, which influences your physiology breathing, posture, movements and so on , how you feel, and what you do and say.

A program — for a computer or in your brain — is a succession of steps designed to achieve a particular result. Your personal programs lead to the results you get and the impact you have on yourself and others. Studying and observing Leaders in the field of NLP most commonly describe NLP as the study of the structure of subjective experience, which is a very obscure way of saying studying how individuals think and behave.

Understanding how someone does what they do well allows you to create a model of that capability so you can replicate their excellence.

NLP gives you skills and tools to find out how others achieve great results. As you can see, NLP can be many different things to many different people — from a science to an attitude. In my experience, people who learn about NLP take what they want from the wealth of available insights and techniques. How you define NLP after you begin your journey of discovery is entirely up to you.

Richard Bandler, a mathematics student, and John Grinder, a professor of linguistics, started the collaboration that led to NLP. The success of these therapists intrigued Bandler and Grinder. Their styles and personalities seemed quite different, yet they were each achieving amazing change with clients with very significant problems.

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Erickson, M. Many other leaders in the fields of communications, systems theory, the study of complex systems in science, nature, and society , and psychotherapy informed the development of NLP. In particular, Gregory Bateson, an anthropologist with an interest in linguistics, systems theory, communications theory, and psychotherapy, provided a strong influence.

Over the last 30 years, others have developed and contributed new models using the NLP modelling capabilities evolving in the field and extended thinking in NLP.

The quest to study human excellence continues. In its very early days NLP was used primarily in personal development and therapy, Before long it began to be used in a much broader range of situations, including business. They have preconceived ideas from things that they have heard — or indeed they may have just had a bad experience of working with an unskilled or badly trained practitioner. Well, everyone is entitled to have their own map of the world I talk more about maps of the world in Chapter 3.

Try it out for yourself and then draw your own conclusions. Everyone is entitled to their own map of the world — including you! NLP is now applied in counselling, education, parenting, health, personal development, coaching, voluntary service, sport, and, not least, in business. New discoveries, new models, and new ways of thinking are continually emerging from the many people whose talents NLP has unleashed. Business people now widely use NLP. Forward-thinking organisations embrace NLP because they benefit from its positive effects on individuals, teams, and overall business performance.

Your journey through NLP is a voyage of discovery. With this book — and perhaps other books, workshops, and online resources — you can sail through the wide variety of valuable tools, techniques, and models on offer.

In this book, I introduce many aspects of NLP thinking and approaches that are employed successfully in business. Use as much or as little of this information as you please. I suggest you prioritise and use those parts of NLP that appeal to you most. The book does not deal with NLP as therapy. It has been an effective tool for curing phobias, overcoming post-traumatic stress disorder, and responding to anxiety and other major issues that affect health and happiness.

The following sections address key benefits of including NLP tools and techniques in your business life: communicating, leading, and achieving the best results. Enhancing interpersonal effectiveness Modern-day business success demands not only good interpersonal skills but also exceptional powers to influence and persuade.

People need to work together, cooperate, negotiate, influence, inspire, and motivate others to get the job done. Good customer service is critical to keeping competitive advantage.

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Getting your message across effectively to prospective downloaders and managing communication through broadcast and online media are constant challenges. Communicating with and influencing stakeholders, including shareholders, financiers, community groups, and others, is extremely important.

Good supplier relationships are also critical for success. From this initial research, they developed models — representations of what excellent influencers were doing — that generate both personal change and highly influential communications. Understanding differences between you and others The journey to becoming an exceptional communicator starts with discovering and understanding your own patterns of thinking. These patterns drive the way you feel, act, and react.

To find out more about the unconscious mind and its filtering process, head to Chapter 4. Right now you may not be aware of many of your habitual ways of thinking, evaluating, and making decisions. But your unconscious mind is steering you. Find out how to identify your patterns from the language you use and the things you do in Chapters 5 and 7. Guess what? As you can read in Chapter 3, NLP adopts the principle that all people have different maps of the world.

Even when two people share an experience, they notice different things, have different responses, and store different memories.

You can then adapt the way you talk to people so that you make perfect sense in their maps of the world!

Becoming more flexible in how you communicate is the key to developing exceptional influencing skills. Turn to Chapters 4, 5, and 7 to find out how to use words and phrases so that someone whose patterns are dissimilar to yours can understand and respond. You may be amazed by what you can achieve with some subtle shifts in your language. Using rapport Rapport is that natural connection between people when all conversation seems to be effortless.

Discussions flow easily and everyone has a sense of respect and underlying trust. Chapter 1: Achieving Business Excellence with NLP You no doubt have some colleagues with whom you simply seem to get along well, and business conversations are just plain easy.

These people are probably most like you in terms of their patterns, and rapport happens naturally.

With others at work, this kind of rapport is much harder to find. Thanks to the modelling work of NLP pioneers, you can create good rapport in situations where it previously seemed difficult, and influence more effectively. Find out all about rapport in Chapter 6, including how to use body language and words to attain it.

Managing your emotions Humans are highly emotional beings. Powerful feelings are wonderful when they work for you. In business, many emotional states can be useful: excitement, interest, calm, and confidence, to name but a few. Anger, anxiety, frustration, demotivation, and stress are some of the states I come across in business people, none of which supports best performance. You may well have worked hard to control your emotions at times.

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