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Yrael, also known as Mogget, initially refused to take a side for or against Orannis, and was therefore later enslaved to the Abhorsen by the other immortals. Whenever unbound, he tries to kill the current Abhorsen; but, during Orannis' second binding, he assists in the binding ritual.

To Sabriel, Lirael, and Sameth, Mogget appears as a small white cat; to Terciel, Sabriel's father and predecessor as Abhorsen, Mogget adopted a different unknown name and appeared as an albino dwarf.

Abhorsen (Book 3 Old Kingdom series)

Mogget cannot use his dwarf-form without the permission of the current Abhorsen or Abhorsen-in-Waiting: Jerizael, the forty-eighth Abhorsen, forbade him from doing so for reasons unknown. At the end of the series, he re-appears as a cat.

In Lirael, when Orannis possesses Nicholas Sayre and speaks to the necromancer Hedge, the story of the Binding is told in song: I'll sing you a song of the long ago. Seven shine the Shiners, oh! What did the Seven do way back when? Why, they wove the Charter then! Five for the warp, from beginning to end.

Two for the woof, to make and mend. That's the Seven, but what of the Nine— What of the two that chose not to shine?

The Eighth did hide, hide all away, But the Seven caught him and made him pay. The Ninth was strong and fought with might, But lone Orannis was put out of the light, Broken in two and buried under hill, Forever to lie there wishing us ill. Death[ edit ] Death consists of Nine Precincts divided by Nine Gates, through which a grey river flows.

Almost everything in Death is a bleak grey, and a subtle grey fogginess limits visibility. The river may also contain and conceal hostile dead beings, who attack living travelers. Dead spirits can cross only when aided by a Necromancer, or when the border is weakened by a concentration of often violent deaths.

Dexterity and great willpower are required to resist the current, which is psychological as well as physical. Each gate responds to a Free Magic spell wielded by Abhorsens and Necromancers; Dead cannot pass any Gate unless they are very powerful.

Each Precinct contains a different peril. The First Precinct is mostly knee-deep water, but has eddies and pools dangerous to the interloper.

Its Gate is a huge waterfall. The Second Precinct has pitfalls throughout its domain and low visibility; its Gate is a whirlpool. The Third Precinct has slightly warmer ankle-deep water and visibility is slightly improved.

Periodic, irresistible waves carry dead creatures through the Gate a wall of mist , often beyond the final Ninth Gate. The Fourth Precinct has a low concentration of Dead, as most of those who reach it have been stunned by the Third Precinct's waves, and are carried easily to the dangerous and deceptively short waterfall that comprises its Gate. The Fifth Precinct is too deep to wade, and must be crossed by a thin black bridge that frequently attracts dead creatures.

The water in the Fifth Precinct has strong mutagenic properties, and is implied to be partially responsible for the monstrous appearance of some Greater Dead and necromancers. The Gate is a vertical river rising from the floor. The Sixth Precinct has no current, and its water is present as a shallow pool. There are many Dead creatures in this Precinct, some of whom are Greater Dead.

The Gate has no substance and can appear anywhere, but appears as a lift bordered by a cylinder of water. The Seventh Precinct is not described, though presumably it is similar to the First and Fourth Precincts. Its Gate is a line of fire that stretches across the river. The Eighth Precinct resembles the First and Fourth, but interspersed with flashes of fire.

The Eighth Gate is a wall of darkness, which needs a spell to send a necromancer into the Ninth Precinct. The Ninth Precinct is an endless pool of deep, still, clear water. It is warmer than the other precincts and there is no fog, allowing a necromancer to see in every direction. The Ninth Gate, resembling a starry sky, confirms the final death of any who look upon it, except those to whom remain a native span of years.

Those claimed by the Gate rise at varying speeds and vanish, never to return. Abhorsens[ edit ] The Abhorsens are the lineage who imprison and destroy Dead and Free Magic, wherever it threatens mortal life, though inheritance is not always direct; the next Abhorsen could be a niece or cousin or sibling, rather than the current Abhorsen's child.

The Abhorsen trilogy : Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen

The Abhorsen combines Charter Magic and Free Magic in its bells to control the dead, righting the wrongs created by Necromancers or Free Magic organisms. The Abhorsens' stronghold, called Abhorsen's House, is located on an island in close proximity to a great waterfall; the associated rapids complement the magical wards of the House in keeping the Dead from accessing it.

The origin of the name "Abhorsen", according to Garth Nix, is the name of the executioner from Shakespeare's Measure for Measure : "Abhorson".

The Clayr[ edit ] The Clayr are an oracular group composed nearly entirely of women, who live in a snowy mountain called the Clayr's Glacier, in the northern part of the Old Kingdom. Nearly all are beautiful and possess nut-brown skin, pale blond hair, and eyes of blue or green. The Glacier is also home to the Great Library of the Clayr, which contains a variety of treasures, monsters, and rarities in addition to books.

Neither is seen as superior, which is quite refreshing. They complement and help each other through all that happens throughout the books. One of my favourite things about this trilogy is the world and the magic system.

Nix has done a fantastic job at creating a vivid, complex world. It is split into two parts: the Old Kingdom and Ancelstierre.

These two realms meet physically at the Wall, but they are different planes of existence with the former north of the wall and the latter to the south. Magic plays a big part in the Old Kingdom, but many in Ancelstierre do not believe magic exists. Both kingdoms are equally well written.

From the very beginning I was immersed in the world and I would love to see more books set within the Old Kingdom and Ancelstierre.

Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen by Garth Nix – Series Review

In the series there are two distinct magic systems: Charter magic and Free magic. The Charter consists of an endless flow of symbols that make up the universe and these symbols are the source of a Charter mages power. Free magic is seen as raw magical power that is corrosive to living things.

In very simple terms Charter magic is seen as good and Free magic as bad. The last source of power in the world are seven necromantic bells used by the Abhorsen to control Death. The bells are a blend of Charter and Free magic. Each bell has a name and a specific power. Its manifestation into the living world had ceased as its spirit had gone past the First Gate. Only a pile of grave mold would remain, to be swept aside in the morning. Thereafter, he had come to visit his daughter twice a year, at Midsummer and Midwinter, staying for several days on each occasion and always bringing more silver.

When I heard the car skidding I thought. She was even more surprised as the creature suddenly bent forward and plunged into the water, hands searching for the sack. It found it almost at once, but not without losing its footing. As the sack surfaced, the current forced the creature under.

My messenger! Take the sack! Death and what came after death was no great mystery to Sabriel. She just wished it was. And the disadvantage of losing her magic could possibly be offset by a lessening of her affinity for death and the dead.

The door was open. An intensely dark shape stood there, as if someone had cut a man-shaped figure out of the night, carefully choosing a piece devoid of stars. It had no features at all, but the head quested from side to side, as if whatever senses it did possess worked in a narrow range. Its pink eyes were glazed and blood stained its clean white fur.

Unnaturally clean fur, for it had just escaped from a bath. It still smelt faintly of lavender water. With a flourish, she indicated both sides of the dormitory and drew one of the master symbols, drawing all together. Seven tubular leather pouches hung from it, starting with one the size of a small pill bottle; growing larger, till the seventh was almost the size of a jar.

The bandolier was designed to be worn across the chest, with the pouches hanging down. Sabriel opened the smallest and pulled out a tiny silver bell, with a dark, deeply polished mahogany handle.

She held it gently, but the clapper still swung slightly, and the bell made a high, sweet note that somehow lingered in the mind, even after the sound was gone. She touched the Charter mark on her forehead, which glowed briefly, and then faded so that it might never have been. The Magistrix nodded and touched a hand to her own forehead, where a glowing mark suddenly obscured all the patterns of time.

As it faded, rustling noises and faint whimpers began to sound along both sides of the dormitory. Is Sussen sick again? The other girl, running, saw her suddenly tip forward over the rabbit, and topple towards the road, but at the last minute her hand came out and she caught herself.

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A second later, she had regained her balance and was using both hands to restrain the rabbit—a rabbit now inexplicably lively again, its eyes bright and shiny, as eager to be off as when it escaped from its bath. He had paid in advance for that first year, in Old Kingdom silver deniers that stood up to surreptitious touches with cold iron. Abhorsen was a powerful sorcerer, but even then. Her eyes closed and her face set as if she had suddenly turned to stone.

A faint whistling sound came from her slightly parted lips, like the wind heard from far away. Frost formed on her fingertips and rimed the asphalt beneath her feet and knees.

It was halfway down the dorm, still single-mindedly rolling one leg after the other. The rabbit was, unquestionably, dead. Sabriel looked up from it and back along the bricked drive that left the road and curved up to an imposing pair of wrought-iron gates. A sign above the gate, in gilt letters of mock Gothic, announced that they were the gates to Wyverley College. Her voice sounded calm, but Sabriel felt the Charter symbols gathering in her voice, forming on her tongue—symbols that would unleash lightning and flame, the destructive powers of the earth.You must get out of Corvere.

Fantasy fiction. Sam, the Dog and Mogget, all waiting as if she were going to pronounce some great wisdom 27 or insight. Beyond the Wall was the country of Ancelstierre.

The raven body it used had to be fresh, for such a spirit would corrode the flesh of whatever it inhabited within a day.