4 days ago Papers With Solution [PDF] [EPUB] CMAT Previous years Question Papers with Solution PDF. Free Download. Solving CMAT previous year. Previous Year CMAT Papers: Take free mock test to know your level of preparation in CMAT You will also learn the tips and strategy to crack CMAT Download CMAT official answer key, question paper here. You will be directed to the page where you need to upload a document (pdf file) justifying your.

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AICTE has released the CMAT question paper along with the answer keys for both Slot 1 and Slot 2. Download the question papers and answer keys of. Hi, CMAT entrance exam will check your skills in general awareness, language ability, reasoning, Download free previous years CMAT question papers PDF. Aspirants can download here previous year CMAT question papers and Preparation Guide for MBA Entrance Exams- Verbal

In distributing the time over the two sections, please bear in mind that you need to demonstrate your competence in both the sections.

Directions for answering the questions are given before each group of questions. Read these directions carefully and answer the questions by darkening the appropriate circles on the Answer Sheet.

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Each question carries 2 marks. Follow the instructions of the invigilator. What was the final amount received by him? Ajay started a firm with a capital of 28, After 5 months, Boman joined him and invested 40, in the firm.

Chirag was also added as a new partner with an individual investment of 56, after 7 months of commencement.

The question given below is followed by two statements, I and II. Mark the answer using the following instructions: Mark a if the question can be answered by using statement I alone, but not by using statement II alone.

CMAT Previous year Question Papers

Mark b if the question can be answered by using statement II alone, but not by using statement I alone. Mark c if the question can be answered by using both the statements together, but cannot be answered by using either statement alone.

Mark d if the question cannot be answered even by using both the statements together. In a class, the ratio of boys to girls is 13 : How many boys are there in the class?

The number of girls is 15 less than the number of boys.

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A person covers km, km and km by car, train and bus respectively. When two students of a class with strength of 40 students were expelled, the average age of the class which was 18 years did not change. If one of the students was 14 years old, what was the age in years of the second student?

In what ratio does he mix the two? A and B together can complete a piece of work in 12 days. A and C together can complete the work in 20 days.

CMAT Sample Papers 2020: Download Previous Years' Question Papers

If three of them together can complete the work in 8 days, then in how many days can A alone complete the work? If the average income of the mason in the month of April, whose first day was Sunday, was , then what was the fixed amount inr he used to earn on the remaining five days of the weeks?

Assume that the mason worked on all the 30 days of the month. The ratio of the present age of a mother to that of her daughter is 9 : 4. CMAT is an online exam and the duration of the exam is minutes.

Keeping in mind the difficulty level and peculiar characteristics of the exam, the best way to prepare for the exam is by solving previous year papers. Since CMAT is an online exam and the examiners do not release the actual paper, our team of experts has designed mock tests based on the actual previous year papers.

These mock tests replicate the exam pattern, level of difficulty, important topics etc.

As far as possible, actual CMAT questions have also been included in these tests, based on memory. Suggested Reading:. There are four sections in the test.

The sections are: There are 25 questions in each section. There is no sectional time limit and candidates can switch between different sections. Each correct answer carries four marks and for each incorrect answer one mark will be deducted.

CMAT Answer Key 2020

Must read in-depth expert analysis of CMAT What is the discount offered? Ten years ago, the ratio of their ages was 7 : 2. Thus, focus on revising the basics of all topics first and then practicing as many mock tests as possible.

Ans: 10 4. This test contains 50 questions in two sections. You must remember that without the correct knowledge of the various concepts, only practice will not be fruitful. So, add the materials to your preparation time.